This moment is for you.


There’s a reason you landed here, I really believe that. So take a deep breath and listen to me:

You are enough.

I know, that sounds strange. We spend a lot of time thinking that what we do is ‘never enough’. But feeling like you’re “not enough” is one of the most damaging experiences that a human being can go through. When you feel like you’re “not good enough,” “not doing enough,” or “not doing enough fast enough,” it doesn’t motivate you to reach your full potential. It has the opposite effect. It limits your creativity and crushes your spirit. It makes you afraid — and brilliant ideas are rarely born out of fear.

Employers: if your people aren’t doing their best work, you don’t have a productivity problem. You have an enough-ness problem.

Employees: if you’re left empty by your life & career, or feel like your to-do list is never complete, you don’t have an achievement problem. You have an enough-ness problem.

I say: “Enough with the Never Enough”

After 20+ years in corporate America , mentoring everyone from interns to managers to CEOs, there’s one thing I know for sure:

When people can fall asleep at night feeling “I did my best and that’s enough” – hearts are healed. Lives are changed. Companies grow stronger. And teams step up to pull off the impossible.

So, let me ask you: When’s the last time that you truly felt you were enough?
If you can’t remember, or if it was ages ago, we need to have a talk.
And get to work.



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